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 Iceni Metal Detecting Tours - a full and professional service with extremely high standards, already described by some who have been coming here for over 10 years as ' Overall, the best trip I've ever been on'. 


Thousands of acres of rarely detected land and guides that are experts. 


As your main guide, I have over 30 years of experience in archaeology, metal detecting and finds identification and recording finds in Norfolk, England.


 Norfolk is considered to be the richest county in the UK for treasure finds of gold and silver artefacts and coins.

Because of this, many items  of all periods, from the Bronze Age, Celtic, Roman, Saxon and Medieval periods, are discovered every year in the county.

 What I offer is the opportunity to unearth the history of the area and I will be alongside you all the way helping you piece together and, importantly, record all the finds with Norfolk's Identification and Recording service to further the knowledge of this amazing county, whether you are new to this amazing hobby or a seasoned pro.

Take a look through my website, enjoy and if you would like to book or have any questions please contact me.

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Ps. 2023 dates are now available for main or mini tours.